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Friends, a month or so ago I was contemplating the finances of the Christian school my boys attend. God has given Faith Community Christian School a vision that reaches out to the community and offers quality Christian education. I marvel daily at the love and care I see in the teachers for my kids and their classmates. In order to keep that vision and love growing, they rely heavily on donations. They need to raise a little over 1/4 of their budget each year through fundraisers and donations. Additionally, they are dreaming of expansion as the building is nearly at capacity.

One morning as I was wrestling with the burden for Faith's finances that God had put on my heart, God impressed upon me that I was to offer my hair. Yes, my hair. I laughed out loud. Later that day, I met with Amy (the school administrator) and I offered up my hair, hoping that it would be a fun way for the school to get a few dollars towards their budget goals and dreams.

I'll never forget her face. It seemed crazy to me too, but I wanted to be obedient to God's leading. So here I am... asking you... Would you like my hair cut? Or do you think it should remain long?

It's not often appropriate to tell other people what to do with their hair... but in this case, you can vote with your donation to Faith, and if your funds separate these locks from my head... or they end up getting put in braids... I'll praise God for His faithfulness demonstrated through your generosity. - Pastor Kevin

Click here to donate before Faith's Annual Auction on April 22, 2022, and decide if Pastor Kevin will cut his hair or keep it long! In the memo, please note "cut" or "do not cut".


UPDATE: At Faith's Auction on April 22, it was announced that about $400 had been donated to the school for Kevin to keep his hair... and $26,000 to cut it!!! His hair disappeared that very night.