Oakwood's Church Council met on Wednesday May 28, and we discussed developing a plan for re-opening Oakwood this summer.

The safety and health of our congregational members is important. We understand that everyone has developed their own view and comfort level with the virus, but the church is called to protect all. Like many of you, we long to meet together again and see each other's smiling faces.

In light of that, council has adopted the following phasing plan to re-open Oakwood:


PHASE I – No formal gatherings, online / video services only

PHASE II – Video service, begin encouraging congregants to develop their own small groups to watch video. There were also conversations about engaging the congregation through these groups with an all-church book study.

PHASE III – Phase II plus the addition of monthly or bi-monthly outdoor gathering at Oakwood on a Sunday afternoon / evening.

PHASE IV – Sunday morning worship services with strict adherence to the guidelines at that time. (limited numbers, social distancing, masks, singing, etc.)

PHASE V – Sunday morning worship services resume with no restrictions. (children’s ministries resume)


Council has decided that we would like to move into Phase II beginning the week of June 6. We want to encourage each and every one of you to start gathering (as you are comfortable) with others to watch the services. This will begin the process of bringing our Oakwood family back together. We welcome you to reach out and develop a group and begin meeting together to watch the service, to pray, and discuss the service.

If you need assistance determining who to connect with please reach out to your elder or deacon of your fellowship group, Mike and Cindy Bracey who head up our small groups, or email the church office. This is not intended to replace an existing small group; it is a means to begin connecting again in a safe and comfortable manner.

We also are beginning to develop plans to move into Phase III, by organizing an outdoor gathering, hopefully sometime in June. This gathering may include a short devotional, some group singing, communion etc. The gathering will be done in the safest manner possible. Our goal is to gather together, but still remain safe.

Council will be meeting again on June 17 and will re-evaluate the current status of our phasing plan.

We want to thank you for your patience. Know that we are prayerfully and carefully considering all of our options as we discern when to move into Phase IV and begin having services on Sunday mornings again. We will continue to provide recorded services as we have been, but at this point we do not have any targeted date for moving into Phase IV.

If you have any questions, please let myself, Pastor Kevin or any council member know. Thank you and God Bless.

Tom VandenBosch
Oakwood Council President