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Would you like to reignite your passion for evangelism or learn a simple evangelism model that gives you the confidence to share your faith naturally?

A recent survey by Lifeway mentioned that 80% of Christians say they feel a responsibility to share their faith in Christ with someone else, but 61% have not shared their faith with anyone in the past 6 months. What often stands in the way is a nervousness or fear that you’ll get it wrong, mess up a friendship, or worse.  For some, it’s a paralyzing fear.

Listening Evangelism will help you find a natural and fearless way to more faith-sharing conversations in the ordinary course of life. It emphasizes learning God’s vision for evangelism and developing a passion for personal evangelism. We also seek to develop practical evangelism skills in cooperation with the Holy Spirit.

Comments from past participants:

“I learned that I could do this” 
“The whole atmosphere was safe and loving. No pressure. Everything is explained and low-key .”
“You’ve taken the stress out of evangelism.”

We cover topics like:

  • The Role of the Holy Spirit in Evangelism
  • Learning God’s vision for evangelism
  • Listening for God’s call to a particular region or people group
  • Learning how to recognize Kairos moments

Here are some other testimonies:

“I liked how the Holy Spirit was allowed to move.”
“The scriptural foundation is very valuable.”
“There was an atmosphere for healing prayer to take place.”
“The ministry is so authentic. So helpful!”

Even if personal evangelism intimidates you, you will find this teaching will equip you with a greater confidence in talking about your faith in Jesus Christ.

Visit this page for more information and to register!

All are welcome, please prayerfully consider attending! This conference has the potential to make a huge impact on our church and our region. Cost is FREE if you provide your own meals (an offering will also be taken). Cost is $60 to have lunches and dinners provided.

**Haven't attended a Dunamis Conference yet? Don't let the "#6" discourage you -- you won't be behind if this is your first one!

Our schedule runs Wednesday evening through Saturday dinner, we hope you can attend the entire time if possible, or whenever fits into your schedule. However, since our events focus on spiritual formation and discipleship, one segment of our events leads into the next. Thus we do highly encourage you to prioritize being fully present for the entire event if at all possible.