Oakwood Family ---

I am excited to be touching base with you as we transition into a new chapter of worship at Oakwood. Obviously, we live in a very polarized world and divisions abound. Oakwood, however, is a place where we are blessed to come together in person and online to worship our God and kneel together beneath His banner, and acknowledge the only True King.

Oakwood has been transforming in this season. As we come back together, we'll be spending a large portion of time praying on Sunday as we reclaim the space given us to serve as an outpost for God's mission in this world.

As we gather, please remember the precautions and protocols our Council has adopted to meet safely:

  • If you are currently sick, please join us via livestream from home.
  • We require masks to be worn upon entry and exit, and encourage their use during the service, as we strive to care for the least of these.
  • Please scrub in with the provided sanitizer.
  • At this time, we are not offering children's services / ministries on Sundays. However, we are blessed to invite our families to worship together. You are welcome to sit at tables so it is easier for your kids to color... or use this time as an opportunity to teach children about worship. We love our kids and will respect you and your children. We promise not to shoot dirty looks or express annoyance... we are glad you and your kids are here to worship God as part of our Oakwood family. We will have some disposable activity bags to help you keep your kids entertained, but you may wish to bring some quiet activities of your own. In the event that you need it, the infant care and library rooms are available if you need a quiet place with your child.
  • Please remember that the entire preschool area is closed. This is due to the sanitizing protocols necessary. Please do not enter the preschool area.
  • We ask that you keep kids with you... we know that social distancing is harder with kids.
  • Please exit immediately after service as you are directed.
  • Please sit only in the open rows, and leave at least 3 chairs between your family and the next one.
  • Remember we are recording / live streaming the services so lights, cameras, etc. will be evident in the worship area as we wait for the finishing touches of our technology upgrade.
  • Note: we are taking attendance so we can notify in the event of a Covid-19 outbreak. For that same reason, we are also asking guests to provide contact information.

Looking forward to gathering for worship on campus and online!

May God's peace rest upon each of you!

Pastor Kevin Heeres