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Happy last day of 2022! As we finish one year and start the next, I see lots of people committing to goals and resolutions. One that I have seen frequently the last few days is a plan to read through the whole Bible in 2023.

I found myself thinking that's a great goal! I've done it once before -- it was difficult at times, reading 20-30+ minutes every day, but SO worth it. Then I remembered how we as a church read through the IMMERSE: Messiah Bible during Lent last year, and how powerful that was for many of us.

I searched online for a whole-year Immerse reading plan, and couldn't find one... so I made one. :) And I want to invite you all to participate with me.

(Not familiar with Immerse Bibles? They are the New Living Translation, formatted like a storybook with chapters/verses and headings removed. See more info here.)

Each of the 6 Immerse books has an 8-week reading plan, so I've scheduled readings Monday through Friday, with the weekends being for a break or catch-up, plus a few week-long breaks throughout the year. A couple of the Immerse books are shorter than others, but still follow an 8-week plan, so readings will usually take 10-30 minutes per day.

We can commit that much each day to be in God's word right?

The readings do begin on Monday January 2 with the book called "Beginnings", and I know this is short notice if you don't yet have the book, but that's where I hope the catch-up days will be helpful. You can order Beginnings from Amazon here, or I know Baker Book House in Grand Rapids had lots of copies the last time I was there. 

Each book also has a podcast if you'd prefer to listen each day (or while waiting for your book to arrive). Just search your podcast app for (for example) "Immerse Beginnings 8 week."

I've attached the full-year plan below. Let me know if you'll be joining me! Start with Beginnings this week, or jump in later with one of the other books. I'll also have hard copies printed at the Welcome table at Oakwood.

Let's immerse ourselves in God's word in 2023 and see what happens.