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G'day Oakwood Family -

It's time to take our next step! While we continue to pray 15 minutes a day, we are also going to add a daily scripture reading. We've heard Jesus' challenge to be in the word and building our lives on it. Let's respond to His challenge by being in the word together and striving all the more to put it into practice.

As we read God's word together apart, here's our prayer:

Almighty God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, grant, we pray, that we might be grounded and settled in your truth by the coming of your Holy Spirit into our hearts. What we do not know, reveal to us; what is lacking within us, make complete; that which we do know, confirm in us; and keep us blameless in your service, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Please read the passage each day, and answer the question either in your own mind, discuss with your family, write in a journal, post a comment below, email RevKev, etc.


Galatians 3:26-4:7
Who and what has God made you?


Genesis 1
In this text God says that we are made as image bearers and that He gave us authority to rule. How do we showcase those things today?


Numbers 11: 10-29
Take another look at verses 17 and 29. God supplied Moses with the Spirit. Moses wished that all would have the Spirit. In what way has Moses’ wish come true?


Judges 6
The Spirit came upon Gideon. What difference did this make in fulfilling his calling?


I Samuel 16: 1-13
Notice that all the men discussed in this text are God’s servants. David, however, received a special anointing to accomplish his role in the Kingdom.